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c4j faq's


The process is simple and takes minutes. Once you submit your application and upload your supporting papers, we will start to process your details, assess the merits of your claim.
All litigation takes time but we are tenacious and we always proceed with claims as expeditiously as possible.
This depends on the value of the contracts or assignment rates, but contained within the website is information on how much money we can pursue on your behalf.
When claims are brought on behalf of a group, this is highly unlikely. Only one claimant, the lead claimant, is likely to be required to attend court.
Whilst there are similarities, as a claimant in Contractors for Justice cases, you would be part of a group action against the Agencies, Umbrella Companies or Client for which you have worked.
KYC = Know Your Client. In order for us to commence your claim, we need to verify your identification and require: One form of Photo ID and One proof of address. We will also require a selfie photo of you holding your Photo ID.


Photo ID:


Proof of Address Documents:

C4J operate on a no win no fee basis. Therefore the are no fees to pay unless your claim is successful. At which point you will be subject to deductions of 40% plus VAT