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Contractors for Justice is a law firm specialising in complex employment law and workers’ rights cases. We work for claimants in cases where “Employers” have flouted employment law.

We are currently seeking redress for individuals who have suffered unlawful deductions from their salary / wages as a result of being a Umbrella Company workers. In addition, we are assisting workers claiming the rights they were entitled to receive, but did not, such as Holiday Pay and Pension Contributions.

We take a strategic approach to all cases and we don’t take on a case unless we believe we can win.

Our Claims

Unlawful Deductions Claims
Changes to the off-payroll working rules in both the public and private sectors have seen changes in how Agencies contract with workers. Unfortunately, many end-user clients now refuse to deal with limited company contractors and as a direct consequence, many contractors have unilaterally been forced into using a Umbrella Company often against their will by the Agency they contract through.

As a umbrella worker you face misleading and unfair deductions from you pay. These will include but not limited to, Employers National Insurance Contributions, Apprenticeship Levy, Workplace Pension Contribution and Holiday Pay.

As a matter of law, employers which include Umbrella Companies cannot deduct Employers NICS or Apprenticeship Levy from a workers gross pay.

Workers’ Rights Claims
Many organisations are exploiting workers by flouting employment law and not treating workers equally.  Workers doing comparable work to that of an employee, are entitled to receive the same working conditions and basic pay as that given to an employee. C4J will hold these companies to account and help workers get the justice and money they should have received, but did not.

Following the judgment in King v Sash Window Workshop Ltd, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), stated that a worker (even if the employer incorrectly believes that they are self-employed), must be allowed to accrue paid annual leave rights until termination of the arrangement between the worker and engager.

This right can go back in some cases to when the European Working Time Directive was introduced in 1996 in the case of holiday entitlement and back to 2012 for workplace pension contributions.

C4J are currently supporting thousands of claimants and group-action clients, and we can do the same for you.

Employment Law Claims & Disputes
Every employee or worker is entitled to fair and just treatment in the workplace, regardless of your role, race, gender or age.

Employment Law covers your rights and you may be able to claim compensation, if your Employer has discriminated or acted unlawfully against you.

C4J are currently supporting thousands of claimants and group-action clients, and we can do the same for you.

For expert advice on matters in relation to Employment Tribunal Claims and Disputes, please contact our Employment team today on 08000 99 66 99.

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